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Chris Youssi – Youssi Custom Homes

Chris Youssi is the President/Owner of Youssi Real Estate & Development, Inc. and various other subsidiaries.  In this role, YOUSSI leads a team providing all aspects of Real Estate Development including: acquisition/site selection, zoning, design/general contracting/expediting, sales/leasing and customer service.

A big believer in teamwork, YOUSSI supports an open dialogue and communication.  Prior to founding Youssi Real Estate & Development, Inc., Youssi spent 5 years as an assistant to the President/Owner of Clayton Andrews Real Estate, one of the area’s leading real estate developers who taught him the importance of ownership/leasing, site selection/acquisition and hands on customer service.

YOUSSI has more than 27 years of experience in Real Estate sales and development.  YOUSSI assists Developers/Designers/Brokers to develop a current business plan and market strategies moving forward in these challenging times.

YOUSSI offers a wide range of programs and services – from consulting to project management and creating/adapting new strategies in today’s ever changing market conditions.  Along with running his various companies, enables YOUSSI to draw on 27 years’ experience in sales/leasing, residential development and customer service YOUSSI is able to assist others who wish to focus mainly on strategic planning and turning your weaknesses into your strengths.

In addition to a successful career in residential Brokerage/Development, YOUSSI now advises other people how to achieve the same success thru 1 on 1 consultation along with larger settings tailor fit toward specific objectives.

YOUSSI’s varied background in sales/leasing/marketing/advertising and development provides the necessary tools for the small/medium business owner to maintain and grow market share.  Passionate about our current economy and possibilities, YOUSSI provides hands on experience to assist and create highly effective strategies to maximize profit potential.

YOUSSI has received playtime/print at various media outlets on ever changing market conditions.  To contact YOUSSI please email [email protected] or go to  YOUSSI is available for private consultations and can be reached at (815) 519-0055 or by email at [email protected]

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